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          Before we proceed any further I would like to share with you something beautiful that I have adopted as my prayer for theCorona Virus situation.

To what is above I would only add that people also learned that by working at home they could reclaim their lives and the sovereign determinism over their time and thereby live less stressful and better integrated lives. By abandoning being indentured slaves to corporations and reporting to cubicles they could  spend more time in their communities and with their families and help reduce noise and toxic emission pollution and thereby safeguard the environment and they were able to have more positive influence in the world and teach others how to do the same. So, you see,  the people discovered that working from home fits in perfectly with this peaceful new world.Now you might ask why am I choosing a postcard based, offline centered business opportunity in 2020 when there are so many bitcoin programs and other more sophisticated programs. Several reasons, really.
1. postcard based business opportunities have been around for a very long time and more people have made money in those than any other type of direct mail opportunities.

2. No lotions and potions. No monthly autoship order you have to commit to.

3. This program is also an opportunity for you to get into the lucrative and very legit world of selling home based business leads to home based business opportunity seekers but you don’t have to.

4. This is a very important reason… do you really want to experience the long, frustratingly painful learning curve of how to do a home based business or are you more interested in making money? There is nothing you need to know here. Nothing you need to learn how to.  Can you label and stamp a couple hundred postcards per month? That is all you have to do.

5. a key way to get seen and get return on your advertising investment is to be where others are not. for the last 25 years everybody has been on the internet advertising anything and everything, then trying to get on google and then doing advertising on facebook and so forth. so you show up in their mailbox! you will be seen!  if the person grabbing your postcard from the mailbox is a boomer or gen x’er you may even give them a warm feeling of nostalgia lol.

6. there are expenses involved here but much less than joining and promoting an opportunity where you have to buy lotions and potions like melaleuca or isagenix or 100s of others and i will show you how to do it all cheaper.There are more reasons why this is the right way to go but I need you to opt in for that information and then you will see that we do have a plan that is sooo easy for you to duplicate and start making money. Here again is that form and when you provide just your best email and click send you will then arrive on the page where you will get the full plan and


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