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You are about to learn how to succeed and make serious dollars working from home!

We live in bizarre, intense and scary times. You may have noticed.

This will continue to affect society in so many ways we can’t count. Many of these are challenging, inconvenient, intrusive, etc. Not all of the changes will be bad, though. One of these not bad ways society is changing is many will have been liberated from their cubicles! The pandemic has tangentially ushered in a new golden era of working from home and the new prominence of legitimate work from home opportunities.

People are being told to stay at home. People may have lost their income sources. Maybe you have. People need to do something to generate income. These factors have increased many times over the number of people who are eager to find a solution for making good money from home.

I promised you secrets. Most of what I am going to share with you is nothing new and that is why it works! That’s the secret… do what works. Don’t ignore the basics because work at home success is built on the basics.

Secret Postcard Magic


Please watch this short video which will tell you the basics of Impact Mailing Club

What a great thing this is to be a part of. Now you can overcome these new, tremendous financial challenges by helping others do the same!

WHEN YOU DECIDE to BECOME A MEMBER OF the Impact Mailing Club, we’ll provide to you the mailing leads, training and resources for you to start as well as the template of our postcards.

Whenever any of the people that you mail decides to participate by becoming an official rep of Impact Mailing Club, you will receive a cash commission and stamps directly from the person you referred to this VERY EASY TO LEARN PROGRAM!

You can join Impact Mailing Club at different levels. These are HERE.

Use this form to make your payments and get started at whichever level you choose. Follow instructions after you contact me at 757 296 8963

There is nothing easier to understand than the compensation plan here. At whichever level that you decide to join, you send a payment to your sponsor, a payment to their sponsor and a payment to corporate.

When you join you get a form of your own which has you in the first position and people send the largest portion to you, a portion to your sponsor and a portion to corporate. What could be easier?

One of the things I love about this program is that simplicity and clarity and the money does not go to the corporation to give to you. You new partner in  your business sends the funds to you first!

Secrets (ssshhhhh…..)

A question you might have is why I am suggesting you join a postcard based direct mailing opportunity in 2020 when there are so many business opportunities on the internet. Shouldn’t you join something more modern and technically sophisticated? Well let me tell you…

1. Most importantly, postcard based business opportunities WORK! These have been around for decades. There are more people that have made money and found success in those than any other type of direct selling opportunities.
2. Nothing to buy or sell. We’ve got no lotions and potions here.Similarly and thankfully, we also have no monthly autoship order you have to commit to.
3. This particular program, Impact Mailing Club, is also an opportunity for you to get involved in the lucrative and very legit world of selling home based business leads to home based business opportunity seekers. This is not something you are required to do but it does open the door for a whole other significant income stream for you.
4. This is one of my favorite reasons… do you really want to experience the long, frustratingly painful learning curve of how to do a home based business or are you more interested in making money? there is nothing you need to know here. nothing you need to learn how to.  can you label and stamp a couple hundred postcards per month? That is all you have to do.
5. Do you want to compete with everybody else that is hawking a home based business opportunity in the same place where they are active? Let me tell you that a key way to get seen and get return on your advertising investment is to be where others are not. Since 1995, everybody has been on the internet advertising anything and everything, then starting in 2005 everybody has been trying to get on google and then doing advertising on facebook and so forth. Don’t do what they are all doing!  Show up in their mailbox! You will be seen!  if the person grabbing your postcard from the mailbox is a boomer or gen x’er you may even give them a warm feeling of nostalgia lol.
6. Limit your expenses. You are not in this to spend money or to buy products or services for the opportunity to market for the provider. T
here are expenses involved here but much less than joining and promoting an opportunity where you have to buy lotions and potions like melaleuca or isagenix or 1000s of others and I will even help you lower your overhead by showing you how to do it all cheaper.
7, Conditional: If you want to work an online based opportunity instead or to work this postcard based opportunity online instead of mailing postcards then go HERE. This has everything that you need. It is FREE to join and it is a very professional operation.

Many people pay their way into a postcard mailing home based business opportunity and then they send out the postcards. Sometimes, if lucky, they will get a signup or two. However they are failing to adhere to one of the most basic points of Marketing 101… you have to approach the target of your message several times. Our experience is that it is best to send a postcard to your prospect every other month for three mailings and you will get many more people to sign up than if you were to just mail them once. It is a known fact in marketing that you have to approach people several times to get them to act.There is magic in doing effectively the time honored practices that are known to work.

Here is one of the best reasons to join Impact! You will instantly become a leads reseller for the home based business industry. All those people who may already be working from home because they are staying at home need to have a way to contact other prospective members of their opportunities. Some will join with you in Impact and others will be waiting to hear from you because you will be able to offer the most valuable commodity needed by millions of home based business opportunity work from home professionals across the USA…prospect leads. Once you join we will provide more info on how to become a leads provider but for sure it is a goldmine!

More secrets…. how to cut back on expenses…

Statistics show that postcard mailing is one of the best converting methods of marketing and even more effective now in 2020 than ever before! However, sending out so many postcards….that can be expensive. We show you how to save considerably off that overhead expense. For starters, we will show you how to get 1000 glossy two sided full color postcards for less than $100.

Here we show you how to save considerable money on labels printing…

More secrets to being successful in Impact Marketing Club postcard mailing opportunity are waiting for you once you become an official paying representative. We are eager to share our secrets with you!


Looking forward to helping you get through these very difficult times with something proven, time honored and highly profitable!


Gary Konigsberg (Garko)
757 296 8963
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